the godliest food ever to exist on this pityful land.
i ate chicken last night because i rock.
by DRIZAIK November 13, 2003
the most addicting word for people with terets
Mom: How was school today, David?
David: Well it was really funny in first period because there was a sub and...CHICKEN!!
by Staycie July 05, 2003
The only food eaten by The BOO. Young, smooth, and barely legal.
Gary O. likes tender white meat chicken.
by Jaberwok May 18, 2003
Your Asshole when put in a slow rape situation,
a rapist may slowly approach your behind stating "I'm just gonna reach for a chicken sandwich"
"get that glowstick out of my chicken"
"that girl on the grass has awesome chicken flaps"
by Christopher bigginspoo April 30, 2008
Chickens smells good when you light them on fire.
-'Ey, pal, wanna come over to my place and light a chicken on fire?

- Yeah, sure. That smell sure is worth killing for!
by EUDOROS February 26, 2007
fuck; also may be used in place of any swear word
We might get chickened at the party this weekend, if the guys are willing. Stupid non-chickens!!!!
by ineedchickennow June 03, 2005
a word to use wen u have nothin else to say
awkward silence
fred: eh?
fred: ok
by Bobert January 26, 2005

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