Chicken, a word meaning a male part, invented the use of in such a way by a bunch of perverts on aim
"Are you fiddling with your chicken?"
by Alden March 13, 2005
what they call cops in France.
the damn chickens are gonna get you!!!
by short1 July 25, 2004
short for chicken head. a woman who goes down.
so this chicken went down on me the other night.
by tbpjhpg April 15, 2003
While recieving oral, you pull the girls head off just as you cum and wiggle your member around while she bobs up and down to keep from being shot in the face. The Chicken!
My girlfriend looked like a chicken when she gave me head.
by Jamesk1580 August 15, 2008
A slang term for money
Yo i just crashed my car and its gonna be maad chicken to get it fixxed
by dde June 22, 2007
Refers to Women
"Look at that fine ass chicken"
by John Black June 14, 2004
A girl who is giving head since her head bobs up and down like a chicken
When she's blowing you, you can call her a cunt, but don't call her a chicken! That's too degrading.
by worm January 18, 2004

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