Anoying thing that runs around like it's headless. Pauk Pauk Pauk chicken is used as an insult for neing scared. Our way of getting back at god for creating these awful creatures is eating them at macdonalds, kfc and burger king Tastes nice with ketchup!
Look at the headless chicken running down the pitch
Like burgers and chip and chicken stuffing.
by leanne April 13, 2004
a game played by mainly children by running out in front of cars and see who goes to the side of the road first
winner runs last
Jimmy and Frank were playing chicken. Frank ran off but Jimmy was knocked down and killed, that made the score 3-2 to him
by Amazin Ali April 07, 2004
Chicken - A word that can be used as an answer to any question.
Whats the sqaure root of 4985736? Chicken!!!
How do u do this? Chicken
by Hofol April 04, 2004
A males reproductive organ... in otherwords a penis (see also flaccid penis)
ex 1.The chicken wanted cow (see also cow)
ex 2. Vin Vin had to have surgery to get a chicken
by Krissy~~Adriane March 27, 2004
discreet term referring to a woman's genitalia pussy
Man i just saw my girl the other day..had me some chicken. That shit was finger-lickin good.
by Ya Mama January 30, 2004
The only animal you eat before they are born and after they are dead.
AH shit, didn't I already have CHICKEN
once today. I'm going to TACO DING DONG
by CLEWGE October 23, 2003
Code word used to describe a gentlemen's club. (Chicken has breasts and thighs.)
Hey Jeff, want to go out for some "chicken"?
by SWZ September 25, 2003

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