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1) A bird
2) A foodstuff
3) A great pet
4) A word with many uses
1) "Dude, look at that chicken."
2) "Dude, let's go eat some chicken."
3) "Dude, you wanna see my pet chicken?"
4) "Dude, chicken chicken, bwaaaak bwuk buuuk!"
by Soiled Undergarment August 11, 2003
9 20
Adj. Used to describe the act of using marijuana to get high, or to describe the state of being high after using marijuana.

Noun. A code word used to describe marijuana. Useful when being discreet.
"I was so chicken." -adjective
"You wanna get chicken?" -adjective
"Where's the chicken?" -noun
by Spirrow March 24, 2008
2 14
A girl with a big butts asshole
Unfortunately the steak was bloody, so i had some chicken instead
by JHs JH April 29, 2007
4 16
a black mans dream/thoughts...
Black man 1: you nigga, you thinking what im thinking?
Black man 2: ya
Black man 1 and 2 together: Chicken.....
by WHO CARES WHT MY NAME IS BITCH January 18, 2007
7 19
IF you have a flap of skin hanging of your penis like a chicken neck
A chickens neck or King Flopppy Chicken
by Tits Mgee January 11, 2007
3 15
Three consecutive spares in bowling
You're working on the 3rd strike for a Turkey and I've got a Chicken
by jbyrd December 16, 2006
9 21
A slang word for weed, only used in north eastern VT. Originated in Morrisville, VT aka MoVegas. Usually used over the phone by paranoid stoners who are convinced someone is listening in.
-first guy: "Yo dude can you hook me up with any chicken."
-second guy: "Yeah meet me by mc donanalds at 3"
-first guy: "word"
by L Bizzle December 04, 2005
30 42