Adj. Used to describe the act of using marijuana to get high, or to describe the state of being high after using marijuana.

Noun. A code word used to describe marijuana. Useful when being discreet.
"I was so chicken." -adjective
"You wanna get chicken?" -adjective
"Where's the chicken?" -noun
by Spirrow March 24, 2008
A Turkish person or one of Turkish descent.

BTW, Turkish women are known for having great thighs
and breasts butt not much of a
Hey, Chicken. Wanna drive up to Belmont?
I'll let you drive my stick.
by Jim Ference November 03, 2007
Fantastic, the bomb, A-okay
That concert sure was chicken
by Eric January 18, 2004
Another word for Women.
Hermanator, Lets look for some chicken.
by rtj loco January 02, 2004
A girl with a big butts asshole
Unfortunately the steak was bloody, so i had some chicken instead
by JHs JH April 29, 2007
a black mans dream/thoughts...
Black man 1: you nigga, you thinking what im thinking?
Black man 2: ya
Black man 1 and 2 together: Chicken.....
by WHO CARES WHT MY NAME IS BITCH January 18, 2007
IF you have a flap of skin hanging of your penis like a chicken neck
A chickens neck or King Flopppy Chicken
by Tits Mgee January 11, 2007

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