slang for Marijuana.
hey-hey we're on the phone here! it's chicken on the phone bra,chiiiickenn.
by Bugaaak! February 22, 2011
there is no real definition of chicken. the real definition will blow up your house, your realitives, your pets, your computer, and you. the definition would be too long and when you think you made it passed the blowing up part, and scroll to the end of the definition the site will crash some how. Then you would have to redo it all over again. reminds me of Russian roulette.
I finally found the definition of chicken. It says that (BOOM!) (BOOM!) (BOOM!) (BOOM!) (BOOM!)
by Gregory Abiuso June 04, 2010
a black mans favorite food!!!!
fried chicken
by nigg@ h8ter March 02, 2010
Got any chicken? (As in rhyming slang for chicken and leak....Beak) Beak also used for cocaine.
by REL74 February 10, 2010
A black man's best friend.
I love my chicken!
by LoL muffin man December 30, 2009
Your favorite food!!
Chickens for lunch today, Your favorite food!!!
by chickensrock September 24, 2009
Crystal Methamphetamine.
Using the word chicken as slang for crystal meth originated in the city of Indio, CA. what would have been a filling thanksgiving dinner, turned out to be a buffet of narcotics. Nobody ate any turkey cocaine but they helped themselves to some chicken.

Saying "chicken" instead of "crystal meth" works in your favor when discussing the drug around parents or other people who may not approve of it because one would never suspect chicken means meth.
I got mad when the chicken crystal meth turned out to be turkey cocaine!

We all smoked chicken and got blown out.
by aGwRong June 06, 2009

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