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the best ndn food on the planet

Waiter at an Indian Restuarant: What will you be having tonight?
You: Naan and Chicken Tikka Masala
Waiter: Best choice ever made
by Jerry Boi November 10, 2007
Chicken Tikka Masala - "Indian" dish invented by white people, for white people; usually likes to hang out at buffets and sometimes mistakenly ends up on an Indian's plate. To prepare, take some lukewarm water, pour in curry powder and chicken, and stir/blend continuously until all ingredients are dissolved. Add red food coloring if desired. Salt is optional. Serve lukewarm.

Alternate pronunciations: "chicken teekee masala", chicken tikh hai masala", "This shit is SPICY!!!", or "DAMN that's some good teekee CURRY y'all!!"
Waiter at Indian restaurant: "What would you like to order?"
White person: "Is that even a question?! Chicken tikki masala! I heard it's the best here!"
Waiter: "You mean the chicken tikka masala?"
White person: "Yeah, that's what I said!"
Waiter: sigh... "coming right up..."
by bubba666 August 24, 2012