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huge, huge nipples that ruin the breast
chelsea had an amazing rack, but once she took her shirt off, it was ruined by those chicken patties
by Why Bother February 19, 2006
A gesture usually performed on a female or male with "man boobs". Scooping a person's boob by using a cupped hand and moving it in a quick upward motion.
I gave my girlfriend a chicken patty and she was not happy.
by Corey Crawford February 17, 2009
The act of lifting ones boob with your hand.
I totally jus gave him a chicken patty him
by HonkeyMcHonkHonk September 06, 2008
same as Flapjacks, the sack left behind dangling in between your dogs legs, after he is neutered
OMG The Dog looks like he has a Chicken Patty flapping around between his legs!
by BlackMeowCat July 13, 2004
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