One of the newest dances from Harlem, NY. Where you move your arms and legs in a way that looks so cool. And if you can do it well then you will have props.
Ayo Shanequa do the Chicken noodle soup......OHHHHHHHHH SHE RIPPED IT
by Gozzy August 13, 2006
Top Definition
a crazy out of control dance, created in Harlem, NY
usually in unisync with another dance called the Tone Wop
Let it ran, now clear it out
chicken noodle soup, chick chicken noodle soup
chicken noodle soup, chick chicken noodle soup
by Shay Butta June 28, 2006
a dance derived from harlem. usually danced to the song "chicken noodle soup" by DJ Webster
damn that nigga can do the chicken noodle soup mad good.
by Timothy Morales July 27, 2006
Crazy dance that was created in Harlem. Which is the modified version of the toe wop which consists of pulling your arms back and swinging out your legs
chicken noodle soup
chicken noodle soup
chicken noodle soup
with a soda on the side
by Saleem The Dream July 16, 2006
A new dance that looks like shucking and jiving...cooning really. Coonery at its finest.
Damn, even after all these years they got us shucking and jiving, look at the Chicken Noodle Soup....
by Lil' Hanna August 20, 2006
A new dance created in Harlem, New York. It is usually dance to the song "Chicken Noodle Soup" by DJ Webtar and Young B featuring the Voice of Harlem
Chicken Noodle Soup 3x
Wit a soda on da side
Let's get it......

by Princess Renee August 17, 2006
Chicen noddle soup with a soda on the side refers to cooking up crack rock.When the crack forms it looks like little peices of chicken.The soda on the side refers to the box of baking soda used in the mix.
Then you serve it to your clients, the neighborhood crackheads.
When you serve crackheads crack, you are serving chicken noodle soup.
by THE BIG JOKER November 29, 2007
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