referring to someone with thin, bony legs.
*used in INVADER ZIM*
Gir: It's got Chicken Legs!!
by vibrant heart January 14, 2006
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Thin bony legs. Typically found on someone who is very skinny.
Man 1: "Fat ass!"
Man 2: "What?! I'm ideal weight! At least I don't have chicken legs!"
by Cliff April 11, 2005
Very thin, bony human legs, so named for their resemblance to the thin, scrawny little legs of a chicken.
Chicken legs? Have you tried jogging?

Distraught Ex:(Pointing to legs) "You would give up these beauties for these matchsticks?!" (pointing to new flame's legs)
by Lorelili March 13, 2006
1.) Chicken Legs, aka Chicken Leg Syndrome, occurs when clueless jock guys go the gym and train nothing but their upper body; arms, pecs, and shoulders, and they completely ignore their legs. They ignore their legs because they don't know how to workout, and because they think that girls will have sex with them if they have big arms.

They look out of proportion to the point of being a joke, and it is officially called "Out of Symmetry."

2.) Meatheads who wont train their legs.
*at the gym*

John: "Hey man, we gonna train legs?"

Mike: "Nah brah, its all about big arms yo, legs dont mean shit"

John: "Yah but now you got chicken legs and you look like an idiot"
by LeeLaBadass July 05, 2011
When a guy has skinny legs.
Girl #1: "Your boyfriend has chicken legs"
Girl #2: "So what? who cares! I love him!!"
by LIRL2 August 06, 2008
Chicken leg is the pale yellow colour of certain house building bricks which were mostly used in the 1960s. They were commonly used to build brick veneer single storey homes.
He lives in the chicken leg brick house on the corner of Black Street and Marble Crescent.
by observe ant June 06, 2013
a dude that has legs that are skinny like a chickens basically they so skinny you can possibly break them in two
Girl 1: That boys legs were looking like two toothpicks connected to pieces of mofo cheese.
Girl 2: Yeah he got some real chicken legs
by DaGurl4rmDaNJ December 06, 2007

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