The act of pulling your balls out and telling someone to look at your "chicken heart".
Ben woke Kevin up and told him to look at his chicken heart. Then Kevin farted in Bish's face.
by Ben and cousin Justin March 28, 2003
Top Definition
ok this is tricky and takes some practice and a real professional genital magician to pull of. clamping your ball sack with one hand and leaving a little air room. while squeezing you ball sack, make sure you mimic the heartbeat of any individual. give it a few squezzes in a row . if done correctly your ball sack will pulsate through the opening made with yuor hand, thus representing a chicken heart. a.k.a. the gorrilla kidney
" Check out the looks of my chicken heart"
by Red Robin March 10, 2005
The exhibition of one's testicles through the zippered opening of one's pants. The unpleasant display resembles a chicken's heart.
After a trip to the bathroom, in an attempt to distract his classmates, Chucky flashed his chickenheart down his aisle while walking back to his seat.
by Shane Kim October 05, 2011
Whipping your ball sac out while you keep your dick in your pants.
He showed the drunk girl his chicken heart and she started suckin it and went to town.
by Justin and his bitch Kristen March 28, 2003
High shock value party favorite -whipping out and squeezing your balls AND cock with 1 hand until they turn purple. For emphasis, the free hand should be flailing over your head while you gyrate your hips and sing Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?"
So then Carl jumped on the coffee table and showed his chicken heart to everyone at the tupperware party!
by Amanda Hugginkiss December 23, 2003
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