To have sex with another person
I'm going round to Slick's for a good Chicken Dinner tonight
by B P September 27, 2006
Top Definition
Deriving from - "winner winner, chicken dinner"

Someone has eaten (or should eat) a chicken dinner if they are deemed to be a winner.

Someone achieving success in any form, will be worth of consuming chicken for their dinner.
Jon - "I'm so happy I won todays race"
Sam - "better go make yourself a chicken dinner"


Jon - "I had such an amazing day yesterday"
Sam - "did you have a chicken dinner?"
by C V-B October 10, 2010
when you have a successful hook up with someone.
Matt: How was that Chicken Dinner last night?

Josh: it was amazing! I had three of them!
by Lykomgmatt January 12, 2011
Slang used to refer to young boys you're going to have sex with
by fsw July 31, 2003
When you're having sex with a girl, right before you blow your load everywhere, you stop and take her downstairs. You proceed to eat a chicken dinner. Do not offer her any, she is a woman. What you do next is crucial. You find a phonebook, make it into a funnel and shove it up her ass. Then you stick your fingers down your own throat and puke the chicken dinner into the phonebook, and proceed to fuck her in the ass.
Marshal totally pulled a chicken dinner last night, with jessica!
by MadStyles June 23, 2009
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