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A summertime move on the beach, in which, during varginal intercourse, the male "breads" his hog on the sand and re-inserts his penis into the vagina...thus completeing the chicken cutlet
That bitch deserved the chicken cutlet, because she gave me a toothy blowjob!
An adhesive bra or brassiere; specifically a spongy supportive material backed with adhesive without straps that a young lady applies to the bust to acheive the svelte look of going "commando". Such application avoids the unseemly bra lines that ruin so many bangin' dresses.

The name is directly derived from the bra's uncanny likeness to a pair of cup-like chicken cutlets.
Cass: Oh damn! My chicken cutlets have slipped again...
Rob: Your poultry is losing traction?
Cass: No Rob! My adhesive bra substitutes!

everyone enjoys hearty laugh
#bra #chiken cutlets #chicken cutlet #cutlets #sticky
by Rob Ryan October 08, 2006
While having sex on the beach the male (accidentally or intentionally) pulls out his penis and rolls it around in the sand to resemble a 'shake and bake' chicken cutlet, immediately following this he re-inserts his penis.
I was having sex with that bitch Barb out by the pier yesterday and my cock slipped out so I gave her a chicken cutlet.
by The Amazing Paul December 01, 2004
A silicone jelly like bra stuffer that resembles a raw chicken cutlet women who don't want to go under the knife use to give the girls a boost.
The swimsuit model used chicken cutlets to boost her cleavage.
#bra #bra stuffer #cleavage #victoria's secret #boobs
by fashno January 31, 2008
While having sex on the beach, you pull your penis out of the woman, roll it in the sand, and shove it back in as hard as you can.
Tom: "Did you hear that Danielle broke up with Curtis."

Jake: "No, I didn't. Why?"

Tom: "He gave her a mad chicken cutlet this weekend!"

#sex #discomfort #pain #nasty #humor
by Emperor Penguin November 28, 2006
While having sex on a beach, the male removes his penis from the woman's vagina, sticks it in the sand, then reinserts the now sand-covered member back into his partner.
John and Joanie were having a go at it under the boardwalk, until John slipped her the ol' chicken cutlet. She was pissed!
#chicken #cutlet #sex #beach #nasty
by ReverendRob May 27, 2011
Noun: referring to an sexual act whereby a male is engaging in vaginal or anal sex with a female on a beach. After some period of time, the male removes his penis from the female's body, rubs it in the sand, and then places it back inside the female and continues sexual intercourse.
I was at the beach in Jersey once and gave this girl a chicken cutlet.
#chickencutlet #chickcutlet #chicken cuttlet #chiken cutlet #chiken cuttlet
by Vance Broderick February 01, 2010
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