sequestered opium/prostitution den with many small cubical like rooms where prostitutes are kept "high" and rented out for sex by their pimp or madam
Charlie Fong was one of the most notorious white slavers. He ran a chicken coop in a basement on Mott Street where he had as many as 25 kidnapped girls working at one time.
by Frankie & Johnny April 08, 2005
Top Definition
Citizen band radio slang name for a road side weigh station. The most notable feature of this structure that it only has 2 doors, if it had four doors we would have to call it a chicken sedan. Amongst the truck driver of the USA the road side weigh station, staffed by police and safety law enforcement officers has also been know as the tax collection station amongst other notable names not suitable for tender ears of the youth that use this site.
Breaker breaker one nine, the $%!@##@%%^ chicken coupe is open and they is collecting taxes, 10-4?
by wizardman42 February 03, 2010
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