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A male who masturbates.
Don't mess with that chicken choker.
by odogo January 17, 2004
noun. one who chokes the chicken
a lame person with no life who masturbates all day
"Look at that punk. He's such a chickenchoker!
"Omigod, he's playing with himself! Chickenchoker!!
by NIKKI S January 27, 2006
The larva of the tiger beetle; burrows itself into the ground up to one meter to catch hapless passersby that fall in; is an ugly son of a bitch.

Endless entertainment can be had when pushing sticks and small pebbles into these holes. The foreign debris is then heaved up and out of the hole. Then, since they have very small brains and thus very poor memory, when you cover their hole again the same shenanigans will ensue.

They are also very hard to catch. I managed to catch only three (3) for my chicken choker necklace. (Lolz!)
Mark runs a chicken choker farm for specimens to put in his gumbo.
chickenchoker is a little indian in tracy california named inderpreet sanhu he is a chicken choker because he masturbates all day.
inderpreet sandhu is a chickenchoker when he comes home from school
by inderpreet December 08, 2007
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