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A schoolbus that has been retired from its academic duties in the U.S. to go face a long, slow death in Latin America. Often painted garish colors and includes numerous religious icons, including the Virgin Mary, displayed prominently within the bus in an effort to reassure passengers. The emissions from one chicken bus equal that of four tractor trailers. Chicken buses often carry chickens in addition to other small livestock.
I only had four sucres left so I couldn't afford the good bus. I caught the chicken bus back to Quito.
by zabazuve-ha June 21, 2007
A type of bus. The most rustic, low-cost, form of public of transport. Referring to those seen in exotic / 3rd World countries where people often share their journey with chickens and other animals.
Shall we be posh and get a taxi into town or save money and get the chicken bus?
by Ronny Stalker May 12, 2009
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