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A term for "eating out" a girl. Since girl's hate saying the words "eating out" you can say he chicked my fil a.
Friend: So what did you do last night?

Other Friend: He wanted to chick my fil a so I let him chick-fil-a me.
by blahblahblah061291 February 06, 2011
29 33
the mother fucking bomb son!
a hungry boy on sunday says "christian fuck dogshit whores!!!" because chik-fil-a is closed
by kevin w August 27, 2004
75 83
restaurant operated in classical American tradition
It is perverse to live in America and hate American tradition or western civilization. Despising chick-fil-a is as unamerican as progressivism, communism, socialism, or fascism.
by WestThreeSixty July 26, 2012
18 27
To my sexual ravished by a big ass penis.. in any hole baby.
The PHCC Hotties get all chickfila-ed when alone at night or reminising at applebees.
by Chrissy&Jamie January 03, 2009
3 28
A fast food chain that gives away passes for one free sandwich combo per week for a year if you are one of the first 100 people in line. Do not be fooled by this, however, as you aren't required to wait patiently in line or even in any kind of order, instead putting you name on a list while you play four square or sleep in a tent. Don't expect to be able to participate, either, unless you don't have a job, because they post the openings in your area on their website, so hippies and baptists come from several states away to take your free chicken well before you could be at leisure to loaf around for the requisite amount of time.

Don't be too upset though, it's only cool because otherwise expensive food would be free. Just eat at McDonald's, it's the same shit.
"I went to the Chick-fil-a that is opening tomorrow about 20 hours in advance, but there were 284 people ahead of me, and they were all playing volley ball. Fuck them."
by Zihm February 01, 2008
10 44
Restaurant fare comparable to that of McDonalds, and almost equally as scary on a corporate level. Feeding chicken and Born-Again Christianity to the masses, whereas McDonalds spreads "American" culture worldwide. Chick-fil-a is run by a radical religious zealot responsible for whipping consumers into submission by giving them the fattening foods they've grown so dependent on. And since when is capitalizing on gluttony considered Christian? The whole concept behind the image of the "protesting cow" was ripped from Peta campaigns -- what a perfect mindfuck.

Don't give these assholes your hard-earned cash.
"That'll be $19.99. Believe in Jesus."
by bottled water March 15, 2005
49 150