Some place at the mall.
I said, "Bitch, go up there and get me a chickin sandwich and some waffle fries. For FREE!" Chick-fil-a.
by Tit-ass September 29, 2007
A position in gay anal sex involving the receiver on all fours on the ground using a bibles under his knees and elbows to support his ass pummeling.
Thank god our hotel room had four Gideon bibles handy--I couldn't have Chick-fil-a'd Dan Cathy without them.
by johnmongrel July 27, 2012
Like Domino's Pizza, a chain of fast food restaurants run by hardcore Christian fundamentalists. Unlike Domino's, however, Chick-fil-a's food doesn't suck.
Although I have reservations about giving my money to religious fanatics the food at Chick-fil-a is just too damn good to pass up.
by Hubert Cumberdale Jr. February 07, 2009
A propaganda campaign against Chickenkind that is being waged by an evil herd of Undead Cows.

Their latest strategy involves comandeering every billboard along America's hiways and biways.
Let's invite our PETA buddies over to Chick-fil-a!
by Aribeth April 10, 2005
A super-Christian company that not only hates gays but would go so far as to donating lots of money to hate groups who hate gays, such as many Southern churches.
It's not just that the president of Chick-Fil-A views traditional biblical marriage better than gay marriage; it's that they donate money to people who terrorize gays.
by sumbalumba August 10, 2012
A place where Christians supporting traditional family values go to put big juicy cocks in their mouths.
"Hey Bubba, wanna go eat some cock in the name of Jesus at Chick-Fil-A?"
by Pandcrap September 10, 2012
The single most annoying thing anybody can ever talk about again.
OMG, enough already! Stopping with the endless chick-fil-a.
by JackintheBronx August 02, 2012

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