used instead of sweetie, hunny etc etc
"you alright chick?"
"hi chick!"
by L'amiee March 30, 2005
1)A baby chicken

2)A slang term for 'woman' used by usually sexist males
1)Aw, look at the cute little chick, with its fuzzy yellow feathers!

2)Damn, that chick's gotta nice rack...
by Yours Truly June 22, 2004
Derogatory term used by males to describe females they can't have.
- That chick is hot!
+ I know, she's my girlfriend.

- Where da chicks at?
+ They left when you arrived.

- Is that your chick?
+ That? That's my sister, you pervert.

- I met this chick at the bar.
+ Did you give it to her?
- Not yet.
by Johnny May 19, 2003
Cantonese: A prostitute
a person who fucks people or lets people fuck her for a certain amount of money
by diu lei March 26, 2003
1.A demeaning word for a female generally used by retards like
2.A baby Chicken
1. Bush:"Damn that chick is hot"
2. Farmer:"One of the eggs hatched last night so now i have i new little chick."
by Me And Only Me November 25, 2007
A name for a baby chicken
Bob:Look at that chick
Ned: The gal or the animal
Bob: Are you bein sexist???? Of course i mean the animal!!!!!!!!!
by Laila March 16, 2005
an over-zealous religious person who goes on bubbling about why that and that is wrong and not understanding that everyone thinks he's dumb (even the other believers of his religion)
the religous people you see on the news sometimes behave like a chick
by markie February 01, 2004

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