- verb
To chick is to check out a URL by clicking on a link.
Combination of the verbs "check" and "click".
Chick out this sweet link - OMG it is so great!
by zon_1000 November 30, 2009
A positive slang term for pretty girls, usually young e.g. under 35.
"There are some nice Chicks in that bar, let's go for a beer"
by ashteroid April 15, 2010
Anothe rword for girl, woman, lady
Hey ya chicks and dudes!
by Bishmilla July 12, 2004
BABY CHICKEN. No decent girl wants to be referred to as a 'chick' because 'dudes' use it in reference to brainless girls who don't respect themselves and main goal in life is to get checked out alot.

guy: you are a hot chick

stupid girl: haha thanks!

smart girl: (slaps guy) I am not a baby chicken you idiot
by decent girl June 22, 2007
Chick: (noun)

1. A declaration or statement whereby the speaker unintentionally gives his audience the false impression that he is engaged in a comedic parody of an extreme or reactionary belief.

2. Chicking: to speak in a manner which suggests a chick
"When he told me Satan appeared to Adam and Eve as a dinosaur I was sure he was pulling my leg. But he really believed it, so I guess he was actually chicking".
by Gil G. March 23, 2006
Girls with attitude
Check that chick out.
by Andrew January 27, 2004
used instead of sweetie, hunny etc etc
"you alright chick?"
"hi chick!"
by L'amiee March 30, 2005

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