a baby chicken... duh
i had sex with FIVE chicks once, then i got a letter in the mail 9 months later... they all had eggs and i was the father
by Mike McChickenpotpie March 07, 2004
Chick is slang for female and implies youth and beauty. You wouldn't call your grand mother a chick unless you were joking.

This word is in no way meant to offend or be disrespectful towards women, although many woman ignorant feminist woman do take offence.
I'm going to marry that chick. She is so smart and beautiful and full of life.
by javahead3 October 14, 2008
Word your super -virgin roommate uses to refer to females when you are out at a party/social gathering. It's use is meant to boast his macho prowess in your eyes and secretly rile up his own courage. It is mostly used in loud, funky smelling clubs or lounges and is most effective at close range so as to avoid being head by said "chicks". The term and its use is correlated with an interesting phenomena most college students are used to referred to as "not getting any".
" Hey bro, that chick is totally staring at me"
"Was not. Her friend was walking behind you"
"You're a fucking hater you know that? That chick wants me"
by Lejfieg September 18, 2014

A casual slang term for a human female, usually but not always a youngish one. A "chick" could be 80 years old, but such usage is rare.

- adjective

1. Exhibiting feminine traits, or directed toward females.
2. Indicating a female person.

"Chick" is similar to "dude" or "guy" for males in that it is rather casual but completely devoid of judgment or derision. Unless spoken in a negative tone, offense only occurs when someone mistakenly believes the term to be derogatory.

Likely comes from British slang in which a female may be referred to as a "bird" (a chick being a baby bird), and likely evolved along with the slang term for a male, "cat," as cats chase birds.
Half of my best friends are chicks.
My awesome dog is a total chick magnet.

1. The movie Steel Magnolias is definitely a chick flick.
2. I seem to open up more to a chick psychologist.
by DudeManGuyManDude October 15, 2010
Chick is a girl with the usual meaning having a neutral connotation.
Could chick be derived from shiksa or shicksa, a Yiddish or Jewish word for girl or more exactly a cute blond non-jewish girl. (An Orthodox Jew would say a shiksa is a jewish girl also who is not a faithful jew.)

A person who is not a believer in coincidences would also think this is true, that chick derives from shiksa.
The Rabbi thought that chick was also a shiksa.
by c2cjim January 13, 2012
The origin of the word "chick" is said to be the short form for chicken, and its use in American slang is to refer to a young woman who is stupid and lacking in substance. It is attributed to Sinclair Lewis' book "Elmer Gantry (1927):
He has determined that marriage would cramp his advancement in the church and that, anyway, he didn't want to marry this BRAINLESS LITTLE FLUFFY CHICK, who would be of no help in impressing rich parishioners.
by aisforatheist July 05, 2011
Shortened version of the common saying, "chicks for free."

Can be used in various situations, and has multiple meanings. Almost like the duct tape of language - it can be used for everything. Similar words: Nice, cool, OK, good work, sounds good to me, sluts, lets get started, awesome.

Other common forms: Chicks ahoy, Chicksadelphia, Chick dandy, C4F
Guy 1 - "Whats going on tonight?
Guy 2 - "I think 727 is having a party"
Guy 1 - "Oh, where's that? Never heard of it..."
Guy 2 - "Don't worry, its chicks"

Guy 1 - " I just picked up some beer. Lets get fucked up"
Guy 2 - "Chicks."

Guy 1 - " Sorry, I accidentally puked on your couch."
Guy 2 - "Eh, don't worry about it, its chicks."

Guy 1 - "She finally let me put it in her but!"
Guy 2- "Chiiiiiiiiiiiicks!"
by C4F November 27, 2011

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