Shortened version of the common saying, "chicks for free."

Can be used in various situations, and has multiple meanings. Almost like the duct tape of language - it can be used for everything. Similar words: Nice, cool, OK, good work, sounds good to me, sluts, lets get started, awesome.

Other common forms: Chicks ahoy, Chicksadelphia, Chick dandy, C4F
Guy 1 - "Whats going on tonight?
Guy 2 - "I think 727 is having a party"
Guy 1 - "Oh, where's that? Never heard of it..."
Guy 2 - "Don't worry, its chicks"

Guy 1 - " I just picked up some beer. Lets get fucked up"
Guy 2 - "Chicks."

Guy 1 - " Sorry, I accidentally puked on your couch."
Guy 2 - "Eh, don't worry about it, its chicks."

Guy 1 - "She finally let me put it in her but!"
Guy 2- "Chiiiiiiiiiiiicks!"
by C4F November 27, 2011
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The nicest way to refer to any female. Used respectfully like this in Australia. A completely non-derrogatory comment, that in general (most chick's I've talked to) is non-offensive to women and better than most alternative's.
"What are the chick's doing tonight?"
by Diego July 14, 2003
n. A girl.

Chick is not necessarily derogatory, however many women find it offensive because of its flippant nature.
Did you see that chick? She waved at me.
by The Grammar Nazi December 03, 2001
n. girl, woman
Actually a non-derogatory slang term for the word girl. This word was probably a spanglish derivative from the spanish word "chica" meaning, of all things, girl.
Hey man, these computer show chicks are hot!
by Romano Jumano June 01, 2005
1. Females, usually around the speaker's same age; female peer.
2. The opposite sex as a whole.
1. Those chicks want me.
2. Chicks are confusing, I don't get them!
by +Mode April 29, 2004
A loose term used to describe a girl, usually a cute girl. Rarely ever used to describe a baby chicken. A baby chicken is just... a baby chicken. So, Chick=(cute)girl.
Brad:Angelina's is such a nice chick
Matt: You already have a cute chick.

Chad:Cute chicks, man!
George:Are you talking about the baby chickens or that girl over there?
Chad:The chickens
by Shopaholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 30, 2006
*A beautiful woman.
*Any type of woman.
"I met this one chick the other she was ugly!"
by Dave January 14, 2004
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