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A attribute or feature that prevents a guy from getting any pussy. Many things can fall under the category of chick repellent because most chicks are evil stuck-up bitches with surrealistically high standards to begin with. Examples of chick repellent are bad teeth, poor hygiene, lack of game, having no self-confidence, shyness, having a wack personality, being too fat or too skinny, being short, having no sense of style or wearing unfashionable clothing, a beat up old hooptie for a car or having no car at all, etc. Perhaps, the greatest example of chick repellent is being flat ass broke. Because afterall, having assloads of dinero is the complete opposite of chick repellent. A man who does not have fuckloads of money is equivalent to a man not having a penis in the eyes of many women in American society today. Sometimes it doesn't matter. Certain guys no matter how good looking, well-dressed or tall they are will always get turned down by the ladies. This is probably because these dudes have chick repellent for pheromones or some shit. Who knows.
I don't know why you and Juan are going out to the bar to try to bag girls again tonight. That motherfucker reeks of chick repellent. He'll be lucky if he any pussy before he dies.
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