a way to describe a dick-like female; similar to a bitch, and can occasionally characterize a slut or a whore.
person 1:dude, she fricking yelled at the art teacher.
person 2: wow, what a chick-dick.
by periwinkle1996 September 25, 2010
A female's clitoris.
Sometimes they can be grossly enlarged to resemble a penis.
Chyna has a huge clitoris, looks like such a Chick Dick!!
by SlootBear December 03, 2011
Also known as a Chick with Dick, a woman who was born with a penis, or a man who had a sex change AKA: transvestite
A: You know that girl I screwed last night?
B: Yeah, she was hot!
A: I just found out: she's a chick with a dick!
A: I know!
B: No, she's exactly what I'm looking for!
A: Dude! What the hell?!? You're INTO chick dicks??
by Micheal J December 05, 2006
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