An Indian-English mixed breed from the days of the Raj. Generally regarded as an ethnic slur, it probably originates from the Hindi chi-chi fie! which means dirt.
Look at that chi-chi over there! She is neither English nor Indian and no-one from nobility will marry her.
by badzilla December 03, 2010
ramen noodles, cheese puffs, beef sticks, cooked in a cheese puff bag. usually made in prison due to all the items are availible on the comissery list.
yo im gettin some noodles for chi chi's tonit.
by Big Man Brock March 22, 2007
slang for breasts.
by Anonymous August 08, 2003
Nickname for Maria, mainly used in south america.

Chichi is one of the most caring people you will ever come across. She is extremely beautiful and is very easy to fall in love with. Her face is carved by angels, words can't begin to describe how perfect she is. She denies that she is anything of the sort however. Chichis are usually talented and can bring joy and happiness to everyone. They are very witty and known for doing their best to put others before themselves. They are also very funny. Men easily fall in love with Chichi, and it takes an extremely long time for them to fall out of love when it comes to her.
Her smile makes you melt, and her personality is by far one of the best. It's almost impossible to hate her. Her heart is pure and she'll never hurt you.
Girl#1: I wish I was like Chichi, she is the best!

Girl#2: Everyone wishes they were her
by mynamegoeshere;) February 11, 2014
The most hottest girl out there, the most sexy motherfucker out there, also has a donk. Also super funny and laughs a lot
Who is that chichi?
by Chickawanda September 24, 2013
overly fashionable, ritzy, ostentatious, pretentious, fake, empty.
The restaurant was so chichi that i threw up before my appetizer even arrived.
by nickyseven August 29, 2005
"Breast" in Mexican Spanish.
"Pussy" in Spain Spanish.
Me gustan las con chichis grandes! - Do NOT say in Spain!! :P
by terrychulo October 12, 2007

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