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A "little" goalmaker or more especifically, goalscorer.
Used as a nickname for the Mexican soccer-player Javier "Chicharito" Hernández.
by El_Pato June 22, 2010
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A remarkably small penis often referred to as a little pea.
When Javier Hernandez was born his penis was so small his mother proclaimed Chicharito! Es mas pequeno!

Unlike the myth that he was named after his father (the pea), Javier Chicharito (little dick) Hernandez is named after the minute penis he maintains today.
by DaymansKittenMittens September 26, 2011
34 70
A small penis...hung like a hamster...
You have a "Chicharito".....
"Shane" "Kelly's" "Chicharito" is like a little "weiner"..
He doesn't have a girlfriend because he has a "Chicharito"
by skelly1 September 03, 2010
39 108