Verb. To do something to another person so horrible that they would in fact rather have a pineapple shoved up their anus.
Donny ferociously chiched John when he had sex with John's girlfriend and sent him the tape.
by gerad figaro December 01, 2007
Top Definition
Chich is another word for Homosexual
Jeff is a chich boy, fucking fag
by Mikeyyyy April 22, 2006
Spanish slang for breasts.
She had some big ole chiches.
by sandSStorm May 24, 2005
originally means BATTY. can also be used in the context of CHI CHI, and many other varieties ie,

sir chich-a-lot
mega chich
the chichmeister 3000
aaah chich

chi chi boi alex

back up chich ur gona get merked

by /HaXXordZ\ July 11, 2006
A cheer b****!
Man Rachel The cheerleader is such a Chich
by Best person every July 02, 2015
A smokin' hot chick that you wanna make yours, or at least have for the night; unfortunately, also comes with a bitch of a personality that will make you regret your one nighter ... sometimes.
"Damn, that girl's a sexy chich."

"Don't you mean a sexy bitch?"

"Yeah, but I'm trying hard to describe this girl without being disrespectful!"
by Bootsnap's Goon October 20, 2009
Chich is another word for a close male friend, not of a homosexual nature.
Peter greeted his good friend James by calling out "Chich!". In the same way as you would say "Mate!" or "Buddy!"
by tanky_teddy April 17, 2009
chiches, this word came from the word girly, once some family members were playing domino, and their uncle came to visit them. He made a joke, saying who are these chiches. This word became very famous among this family and it became like a boundage to them.
Now allot of peole would like to choin the group, approching the group saying chiches.
"chiches" it is a way of saying we belong together, like calling your friend hey my brother.
by director of a company January 11, 2010

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