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Using the gas station windshield cleaner to wash your entire car.
These cheap asses in front of me just pulled a chicanowash,
by capn freddy June 21, 2012
Using the windshield washer at the gas station to wash your entire car.
Yo, my van is filthy and I need to stop for gas. Sounds like the perfect time for a chicanowash.
by PaulieJr1 June 22, 2012
The act of using the windshield wiper squeegee at the gas station to was your entire car.
Damn mexicans, always pulling through the chicanowash and holding up the people that need gas.
by deysr July 10, 2012
When someone at a gas station uses the sponge for wind shields to wipe down their entire car.
The Lopez's always wash their car with the windshield washer. They are big believers in the chicanowash
by iwatchtosh.o June 22, 2012
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