A really unnecessary title given to an American Born person with Mexican Parents.
This title further ostracizes the Mexican People and further ensures the teasing of said people.
Chris: So what are you?
Alex: I'm a Chicano
Chris: So your Mexican?
Alex: No
Chris: Yes you are dumb ass
by Learn You Dumb Asses May 26, 2007
still in debate about it being only mexican americans and being all latino country descendants. I think that it should not be only mex-ame because why do they have special nickname and the rest dont.
in our school there is a crew that are called "Los Chicanos" and there is a people from different latino country descendance and no one tell them anything about not being chicanos and they all speak spanish which i think should be what really matter in being a chicano or not, not where your parents are from.
by stop lookin at me May 29, 2005
someone born in the U.S.A with hispanic desendance. Parents from Mexico, Central America, or South America
real chicanos can speak spanish
by kp March 17, 2005
Someone of hispanic descent, though usually Mexican
What up with me Chicano brother?
by Mexican-Desperado December 07, 2003
MExican or Latino person living in america or born in america
Chicano got latino roots
by adrian March 21, 2005
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