Born American of Mexican Descent. Not accepted by Anglo-Americans as true Americans and not accepted by Mexcians as true Mexicans.
This chicano could care less about those from either culture who don't accept me for who I am!
by Scotty the Pocho April 10, 2006
chicano/a is a mexican american but you are still mexican so don't discriminate against your own people by calling them a wet back or a mojado.
mexican american is someone who is mexican but wasborn and raised in america,in the barrio they would be called a chicano
by cerda October 06, 2005
1. An American born of of Mexican parents.
2. A Mexican born US resident (either legal or illegal) who is ashamed of his Mexican heritage and does everything possible to try to hide it.

Etymology: from Chingadera de Mexicano.
That chicano with the hair dyed blonde and the accent actually does understand Spanish, he just pretends not to.
by truemex May 17, 2013
A person of Mexican descent born and raised the United States. Chicano culture is an extension of Mexican culture and a main thread in American culture. They speak both Spanish and English. Another word for Chicanos are Mexican-Americans.

*People of Half Mexican ancestry are widely considered Chicanos also, but also can be Mixed Race.
George Lopez was born in Los Angeles to Mexican parents. This makes him a Chicano.

by Cuetalxochitl February 13, 2008
A Mexican-American which is a Mexican born in America, Chicanos whos parents r both born in Mexico or is Chicano mixed with nothing is pure Mexican blood but is not 100% Mexican but that doesnt mean they r white! you r only a mixed Chicano when 1 of your "parents" r white or wateva race they r, so Chicanos r full mexican blood but they r only mixed if theyre parents r sumthin else.
Lil Rob is a Chicano Rap Artist
by Looney .13.: November 03, 2009
someone who embraces both latino culture and american culture.
Chicanos should speak both Spanish and English.
by me who else July 11, 2005
A latino born in u.s.a whose parents were born mexico, central america, or south america also known as latino american.
Latinos are the sexiest people in the world chicano or no chicano
by tra tra May 17, 2005
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