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A Mexican-American which is a Mexican born in America, Chicanos whos parents r both born in Mexico or is Chicano mixed with nothing is pure Mexican blood but is not 100% Mexican but that doesnt mean they r white! you r only a mixed Chicano when 1 of your "parents" r white or wateva race they r, so Chicanos r full mexican blood but they r only mixed if theyre parents r sumthin else.
Lil Rob is a Chicano Rap Artist
by Looney .13.: November 03, 2009
Born American of Mexican Descent. Not accepted by Anglo-Americans as true Americans and not accepted by Mexcians as true Mexicans.
This chicano could care less about those from either culture who don't accept me for who I am!
by Scotty the Pocho April 10, 2006
1. An American born of of Mexican parents.
2. A Mexican born US resident (either legal or illegal) who is ashamed of his Mexican heritage and does everything possible to try to hide it.

Etymology: from Chingadera de Mexicano.
That chicano with the hair dyed blonde and the accent actually does understand Spanish, he just pretends not to.
by truemex May 17, 2013
chicano/a is a mexican american but you are still mexican so don't discriminate against your own people by calling them a wet back or a mojado.
mexican american is someone who is mexican but wasborn and raised in america,in the barrio they would be called a chicano
by cerda October 06, 2005
A person of Mexican descent born and raised the United States. Chicano culture is an extension of Mexican culture and a main thread in American culture. They speak both Spanish and English. Another word for Chicanos are Mexican-Americans.

*People of Half Mexican ancestry are widely considered Chicanos also, but also can be Mixed Race.
George Lopez was born in Los Angeles to Mexican parents. This makes him a Chicano.

by Cuetalxochitl February 13, 2008
someone who embraces both latino culture and american culture.
Chicanos should speak both Spanish and English.
by me who else July 11, 2005
A really unnecessary title given to an American Born person with Mexican Parents.
This title further ostracizes the Mexican People and further ensures the teasing of said people.
Chris: So what are you?
Alex: I'm a Chicano
Chris: So your Mexican?
Alex: No
Chris: Yes you are dumb ass
by Learn You Dumb Asses May 26, 2007