A person who is born and raised in the US but whos ancestors(parents,grandparents or great-grand parents)were born in Mexico.He/she may speak spanish and english though most Chicanos speak english only.Many first-generation(people born and raised in the US during the 40's & 50's) Chicanos as well their children speak a dialect of spanish called Calo rather than traditional Spanish.Chicanos during the 1940's created a culture based on their parents Mexican culture and their own American culture. Many Chicanos have been instrumental in changing Mainstream american culture in terms of Art,Music and language.
Freddie Prinze was the first mainstream Latino Star ..yeah too bad he wasn't Chicano.
by Hamza 21 May 23, 2007
chicano is a term used to describe a hispanic person who was noy born in mexico but was born and raised in the barrio.
i am chicano not mexican.
by fernando July 27, 2004
ANYONE who wants to be part of la Raza looking for the homeland of Aztlan. Mostly used by Mexican-Americans but open to all Vatos who want to connect to their indigenous roots and still keep it OG in the Barrios. Someone who DOES NOT identify as Hispanic due to its oppressive origin.
Yo soy Chicano y Que?

My homies are all Chicanos from the neighborhood, but we all come from diff places.
by Pocho Power November 11, 2010
Mexican who lives in America. Mexican/American.
That Chicano is the baddest motherfucker in the SouthWest.
by Kuzko January 10, 2005
A female with a hairy vagina.
Kate Perry is a Chicano
by Hiiiiiboy February 07, 2011
Chicanos are a people of Mexican American descent born in the United States. Our existence is defined by our social, cultural and political experience along with our heritage and historical roots.

A politically conscientious person of other Spanish, indigenous or Latino origin living in America can also call themselves Chicano.
The homeland of Chicanos is known as Aztlan.
by Chicana Muse October 01, 2009
When one parent or both parents are born in Mexico and they have a son born in the United States of America.Also refered to Mexican-American
My mom was born in Mexico and so was my dad. So what Im I? A Mexican or American? Your a Mexican American Also refered to as a Chicano Because you have decendeds of a mexican but you were born in the USA.
by A Real Chicano March 04, 2005
as explained as my chicano history teacher: chicano is a mexican american that was born here, with mexican parents born in mexico. but a chicano is a well educated, well informed, part of the chicano community that strugles for equality. Chicanos feel that they could transform society by organizing around what many call Chicanismo.
Chicanos had to unite around their culture and change society by working to resolve Chicano-specific problems.
by pochoice101 February 06, 2007

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