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The act of presenting a wedding proposal in a steam shower, especially when the steam shower is in your parents' Chicago home.
<groom to be> After a bottle of wine and a relaxing evening lounging on the deck, the time was right to propose. I therefore gave her a Chicago Steamer in my parents' house. Naked.

<naked bride to be> Yes! You should have just written it on the glass door, however the work of art I know as your body is just as romantic.
by best_friend_4ever July 15, 2010
The same thing as a Cleveland Steamer, but with a fart added, in honor of the windy city.
<inkedmn> man, strike wouldn't let me do him til I promised to give him a chicago steamer.
by kmj January 20, 2003
A girl is laying on her back, and you squat over, and put your dick in her mouth. While she is giving you head, you take a dump on her chest.
Person 1: Why do you smell like crap?
Person 2: Because my boyfriend gave me the Chicago Steamer last night.
by themanofthehour April 05, 2005