when u agree to something and are happy about it .
girl : u wanna fuck ?

boy : chia pets!
by chodeiusmaximus August 30, 2008
A bald-headed man, who unexpectedly to his acquaintances, grows back his hair.
Girl, have you seen Pedro lately? He needs a haircut bad. he's starting to look like a chia pet.
by Valinda November 01, 2006
A noncontributory individual that lives with family and/or friends. Chia Pet’s are fed and watered by family and/or friends, which cause the Chia Pet to grow. Unfortunately, a Chia Pet does not feel the need to contribute to the household; therefore, causing serious turmoil with family and/or friends. It is not understood why the Chia Pet becomes offended when told by family and/or friends that the time has come for them to move on (i.e. get out).
its time for my CHIA PET ass sister to get out of my house!!
by Get the f' out already!! July 25, 2009
people with fucked up afros that look like chia pets
bad kid sittin next to me in java is a chia pet
by TR YOSHIII January 23, 2008
Someone who cuts their hair with a FlowBee or Wahl razor.
Steve is a Chia Pet, Jen helps him by triming around the edges.
by old man November 16, 2004
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