A term used in Panama City, Panama when referring to a hustler that claims to find you a parking spot on the street and to protect your vehicle on his "lot". The chichiman expects tips when you get out of your vehicle and enter your vehicle. In the chichiman's spare time when not hustling he enjoys recreational drug use and teaching boys how to peddle candy and stickers on the street.
"Try to park here and get out of the car before the chichi man sees us and hustles us for money."
by Peltor August 30, 2009
Top Definition
"chi chi" is patois for termite (pest) and is a derogotary term for a homo-sexual. i.e. a gay person is as low as a termite
"chi chi man fi dead"
"bun out the chi chi"
by G Flex September 16, 2003
Manchester has alot of chi chi men
by NiggaNig October 27, 2003
gay men
ussually used by reggae homophobic people.
no chichi man in jamaica.
by joooo June 23, 2006
a gay person
ateef, stop being a chichiman and leave the bwoy alone!
by atif October 14, 2003
A caribbean term which means homosexual
he is such a huge chichiman
by john smithie June 13, 2006
Complete gay boy
That boy Darren is a chi chi man
by Jamain May 19, 2003

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