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The energy God gives us humans to live and walk around. With lots of practice, your chi can also be felt when emmiting an aura (no, not like the guys in Dragon Ball Z/GT do, but sort of like it).
You have a very weak Chi indeed (yes man, I'm callin you weak and slow).
by Steven March 03, 2004
chis: a common name given to people with a stab fetish
chis stabed the poor mouse, then moved his hand up and down
by jess August 20, 2004
Chi is an Asian name for girls. A typical Chi is very smart, caring, attractive, and popular. A Chi's always looking gorgeous and stylish. Chi's are also very artistic and gifted. However, Chi's tend to have poor vision and shy when she first meet a person but Chi's are very awesome to be around. Girls with the name Chi are usually a very good friend. She often put others before herself. Chi's are epic!

LOL Just Kidding! A Chi wrote this! xD
Damn... Chi is looking fine as always!
by Chister Ninja June 14, 2013
Also known as a headbanger or rocker. Usually listen to heavy metal music, have long hair and wear leather/jean jackets and tight jeans.
Look at all the chi's hanging out at the bum benches.

I wouldn't mind going to see that ac/dc cover band, but it will probably be all chi's there.
by pemmy gal December 30, 2011
acronym for Cool Hot Insanely Sweet
usaully used to describe girls
Dude 1: "That girl is a perfect ten"
Dude 2: "I know she is so chis"
by dimelis_16 April 24, 2007
To be permanently friend-zoned.
"Dude you've been chissed again by a girl!"
by Bryn__ March 21, 2010
An amazing fun loving girl who gets all the boys. She has a huge rack and knows how to use it. She's beautiful, smart, popular, and a true friend.
My best friend is amazing.
Well duh her names Chi
by mushroomsrule02 November 02, 2011
Abbreviation for the small breed dogs most commonly known as Chihuahuas.
I took my Chi to the vet yesterday.
by ChiFashionista September 18, 2010