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chillin, make it 'chi dubs from the feet ubs' to mean all out complete chillin
whatsup? im chi dubs from the feet ubs
by shaniquia August 01, 2003
slang term for chill.
chi -dub- double L
yo man chi dub.
chidub from the feet up.
im just chidub'in
by mike August 01, 2003
Comes from the word "chill". If you seperate the beginning and end of the word, you get chi-ll. The "chi" at the beginning is obviously where the chi of 'chi dubs' comes from. Then, you have the "-ll" end of the word "chill" since it is a double l, you just abbreviate this and simply call it dubs, a shortened verious of double. Combine the two and you get Chi-dubs.
What are you doin right now?
Eh, just chi dubs. you?
by Zoe March 30, 2005
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