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Pronounced "chezzla bro"

Origin: Vancouver/West Vancouver/Whistler/North Vancouver area in Canada

used by people associated with snowboarding and or extreme outdoor sports.

meaning: similar to "chach"; is a person who follows trends and wears expensive trendy clothing but comes off as a douche bag and is chauvinistic. Tends to be loud and obnoxious, likes to show off, but is characteristically naive, immature, self-important, and sleazy.

chez la bros like wearing lacoste and other trendy name-brand clothes and are brand conscious. although they may appear clean cut and are well-groomed they give off a sleazy air.
I don't go to that bar any more since all those chez la bros took over.

Dude, don't pop your collar: you look like a chez la bro.
by Athanjay Ouillquay April 16, 2010
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