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a chinese mexican, who migrated from africa to mexico and bred where they now dwell in the hills of southern ohio.
the chexicans were eating rice w/ there hot sauce.
by ACK May 05, 2004
A person who is half Chinese and half Mexican. Thus, they are Chexican
Danny is such a douche what a Chexican bastard
by Robert Williamson April 15, 2005
A person of chinese and mexican decent. Very hard to pinpoint people like this.
Is he chinese or mexican? I can't tell, so he must be chexican.
by Sula February 02, 2005
A Chinese Mexican
"It's our belief that a bigger threat to California is the exploding Chexican population"
by hughmonger October 29, 2003
A Chinese Mexican
Our parish has a large Chexican community.
by hughmonger October 29, 2003
chinese mexican
by jo September 13, 2003
1) A person with both Chinese and Mexican heritage.

2)More generally, any person with one parent of an Asian race, and the other of a South American race.
Dang, that Chexican is cute. Love those eyes and dark skin.
by KLBD March 08, 2004
A chinese mexican who is a very smart drug dealer. A rare breed. Sometimes Dirty. Spotting Chexicans is a national pastime and inhabit mostly California.
Me: look at you! youre such a chexican!

Josh: Yeah i know its awesome!
Miguel: Yeah its pretty fun!
by asdertyuiop February 01, 2011