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Mexican food from restaurants run by Chinese people.
lets go to the chex-mex place down the block for lunch
by ploop1 July 11, 2009

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a title for a couple that consists of one person that is from mexico (mex) and one person that is from either russia, the czech republic, or other surrounding countries (chex). a play on words originating from "chex mix."
"My nephew is bringing his Russian/Czech girlfriend home to meet his parents in Mexico."
"Oh, you've got some Chex Mex going on in the family."
by chexpert July 25, 2009
A nickname given to an italian who looks mexican who also may carry the traits of being tall having a spic-stash clumsy, bad luck, clumsy, weak and unathletic.
that kid adam looks like a Chex Mex
by Joe February 12, 2005