When a said person acts out of control. Thus, giving them the appearance of Chewbaca.
So we were sitting there and out of nowhere chris pulled out his gun and went Chewbaca.
by CSNODE March 12, 2008
An ass with exessive amounts of hair covering it.
Friend 1:
"dude look over hear, i found a penny *Conviniently bent over with pants pulled down*"

Friend 2:
"What?...AHH FUCK DUDE, SHIT!! i really didnt want to see chewbaca again"
by Ryan Rood November 01, 2006
The sexual act where a man shaves his head right before he cums and then after he cums all over the girl, he then places the hair he shaved off in the cum.
"I just chewbacaed the shit out of that girl!"
"Chewbaca that ho!"
by Chewy Baca November 05, 2007
A woman who has full grown hair in the pubic region and hasn't shaved since it started growning
Damn, that girl i was with last night had a full grown chewbaca in her panties!
by The_Torn_Prince December 15, 2006

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