When you make a really loud or stinky fart.
"Man I just hit a Chewbaca last nite and it smelled like beef stew!"
by iTurf January 18, 2009
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a very hairy and / or tall and broad shouldered woman. A woman having the characteristics of Chewbaca from Star Wars.
That bitch had a chewbaca mustache and hair on her tits.

Damn Girl!! You better trim those Chewbaca toenails before you rip the sheets.
by Vinceums November 22, 2003
During the act of eating a girl out, you roll your toungue like a dirty mexican, making you sound like chewbaca. Usually causing instant sexual arouse for a woman making her want to ride you cock for hours.
Dude I went chewbaca on that girl last night, let me just tell you she instantly hopped on my cock, and she continued to ride it all night long.
by Vuh Jay Jay March 08, 2009
A large pinch of chew mixed with honey and Big Red gum.
I could really use a nice Chewbaca right now! I'm board shagging balls in the outfeild!
by bigdipper46 April 23, 2012
big foot with a gun
chewbaca is sasquach in space
by baka kuso yaro April 09, 2011
Simply a very hairy retard
hey man im scared of chewbaca" "why? hes just a retard cover in hair!" "yeah i know thats what im scared about.... they gave him a gun" "oohh sshit!!!!"
by Kim Jong Grill August 31, 2010
when a woman gives you a blow job while you're sitting on the toliet taking a shit
i am suprised she didnt puke from the stank while giving me that chewbaca
by handsolo April 17, 2009

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