An exclusive club for spoiled pricks who have never worked for an honest dollar in their life and have been served with a silver spoon up their ass for their whole life. Oh and their all right wing bastards.
Spoiled Punk 1: I'm board, lets go to the chevy chase club.
Spoiled Punk 1: On the way we can throw money at hobo's and spit on them.
Spoiled Punk 2: Sorry I only have my 10 credit cards.
Spoiled Punk 1: Don't worry my parents always have bills on them, thats how we tip the chauffeurs.
by DownToEarth Dude April 30, 2011
Top Definition
An extremely nice country club, where totall hotties go, who are both athletic and awesome
Dude, i wish i belonged to chevy
Yeah me too, oh well, too bad.
by 12. April 24, 2005
a country club where rich hotties belong
hottie 1: hey can we go to chevy chase club tonight?
hottie 2: deffenetly, since we are hot and we belong, hells yeah we will go
by chevy chase club hottie March 25, 2005
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