"Cool" in Spanish, but mostly used in Puerto Rico.
I just got an A on my exam. ¡Qué chévere!
by miguelito March 10, 2005
chevere is a word that can be used in past, present, future and etc. tenses.

this words can be a noun, verb, adjective, etc.

it can be used with positive or negative connotation.

chevere can be used in almost any sentence for whatever meaning desirable.
Wow that kid is such a chevere. =]

Wow that kid is such a chevere. =

Dude that is so chevere!

Dude that is so chevere. =

Hey did you see that chevere last night?
by traumamoto13 June 11, 2008
Puerto Rican word for Good.
Anything you like, you can say que chevere. Kinda like cool.
by Jim February 27, 2005
This has the same meaning as "chingada", which is Mexican in origin, and means "go fuck yourself, you filthy dirty cocksucker".
Hey, amigo: CHEVRE, you motherfucker you!
by Fatboy Johnny D'Agostino April 09, 2005
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