Breasts of the female gender.
"Hey, look it's walking chestical"
by Little Kuriboh May 24, 2008
Top Definition
That woman has very large chesticals
by Evan August 17, 2003
Tits, boobs, knockers
How do I get my chesticals to stop hitting me in the face when i run???
by Pr_skumfuck January 21, 2008
another word for breast, the pectoral region of the body
That man has some nice chesticals, he must work out.

Look at her large chesticals they look good in that shirt!
by katiebeth93 January 07, 2011
(noun) location of the female body
Chesticals (plaural)

A slang word meaning breast.

Slightly compared to the male tactical in regards to:

sagging with age

both producing white substances

a lack of wishing to be injured in the location

and a feared place to get cancer
Mary was punched in the breast and screamed "AHHHH MY CHESTICAL!!!!"

Before my period my period my chesticals hurt.
by pandanuggets February 01, 2014
The WRONG spelling for "chesticles" which means female breasts.
HandsomeRob86: Damnnn, your chesticals are fiiine!
SlutAngel69: Don't you mean chesitcles?
by tbonethugg October 11, 2009
chesticals : Droopy floppy tubular tits on a woman, or elder male. Similar texture and gravity of a males Testicals. Otherwise known as "Oyster Tits"
"dude, your new stepmom has some dangling chesticals"
by preston July 03, 2006
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