one of the poorest & grossist cities on the East Coast of the US. Also known as Cheddah.
"let's go down to Chester & buy some crack rocks..."
by KimKim November 24, 2006
(n) an inappropriate or awkward request for sexual relations, often preceded by incredible lady skills. The word is usually preceded with the phrase "pulling a." Not to be confused with "pulling a coffee."
"Dude, I can't believe you asked that girl for a blowjob! She was totally into you!"

"Yeah, I guess I pulled a chester."

"Well, at least you didn't pull a coffee and run away when she tried to talk to you."
by Flicka the White September 19, 2006
the sweetest, most amazing, special, wonderful, smart, hilarious, outgoing, charming boy in the whole world.
he always knows just the thing to say to make a girl's heart melt. for her tummy to be filled with little butterflies. to make her feel especially loved. the happiest girl on the face of the earth.

so, in other words?
chester is damn near perfect(:

i love him, swear.
person 1: ohmygoshh! that girl over there is going out with CHESTER.
person 2: damn, she's lucky.
person 1: i knoww.
by onetuffcookie<3 December 17, 2008
Depositing fecal matter onto an unsuspecting persons upper torso (preferably while they are asleep)

(cuz.... you know most people wont let you just walk up and take a crap on their chest)
I went to chester him in his sleep, but it was bloody diarreah and I had to buy him a new carpet.
by Lester Titface May 20, 2006
One male nipple. Usually used in the plural form, as in "chesters."
"After swimming in the Pacific Ocean in Oregan during early spring, I got frostbite on my chesters."

"I like it when people put clothespins on my chesters."

"My left chester is a tad bit hairier than my right one."
by Gary Sloan December 14, 2005

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