a very good cat name, not over-used and not embarrassing for your cat. also quite good when baby-talking your cat. DO NOT use for a dog, isn't as nice
person A: do you have a cat or dog?

person B: i'll give you a hint: his name is chester

person A: ohh so it's a cat! cool name
#cat #awesome #pet #animal #name #embarrassing
by thelittlemermaid.age22 October 09, 2011
Top Definition
Rhyming slang, as in "Chester the Child Molester", a term for a pedophile. An older jail inmate's expression.
"That new prisoner is 'Chester the Child Molester.' "
by Brian Jones August 07, 2005
a cocky, arrogant person
this fat chester and his looser friends think they can get along with that arrogant attitude..
#cock #cocky #rooster #fight #arrogant
by kelamist January 09, 2012
a child molester or one that likes young girls
You're such a chester.
by nony March 13, 2005
A guy with an incredibly large cock, and and an equally large personality, he's a dime but not very smart. Everyone likes Chester but he's an ass-hole, he's attractive but never has a girlfriend, stays lowkey, and is funny as hell. He makes you feel like a princess, and when he's not with you, you miss him instantly. He has an uncanny magnetic personality. A lot of guys don't like him but still show him respect. In summary a great person
I honestly really wish Chester would get his head out of his ass and notice me!
#chester #name #funny #amazing #cool
by Ashley Moreé November 05, 2014
A small city in southeast Pennsylvania.
You heard about them shootings down in Chester?
#chester pa #chesta #c-city #c-c #chester city
by Chesternigga March 09, 2015
Annoying little brother who loves minecraft. You love him any way
Person 1 :what is that kid playing
person 2: mine craft
Person 1: he's such a chester
#annoying #minecraft #loved #idk #why
by Phangirl124 October 07, 2015

-To argue about something you know nothing about.

-To regurgitate information you've heard elsewhere without actually knowing the facts behind it.
Windmills have no benefits!
Are you serious? Wow, you're totally chestering right now.

Obamacare is so expensive.
Where'd you chester that from, FOX News?
#chester #argue #cheaster #idiot #terrible person
by aintnothingbutachickenwing January 21, 2014
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