bob dylans best friend
look over there it is chester the molester.
by mike delmauo November 19, 2005
Top Definition
"Chester the Molester" was a comic strip from Hustler magazine, of a dirty old man who always wore skid-marked panties on his head. It was written by Dwaine B. Tinsley and ran for 13 years, in the 80's and 90's.
Did you see this month's "Chester the Molester" cartoon in Hustler?
by McHoon January 28, 2010
used to describe usually a male who is creepy and perverted.
The guy in the Buick scoping out the high school cheerleaders across the street is such a Chester Molester.
by erin October 26, 2004
The act of fingering a girl while your fingers are covered in Cheetos dust
Mr. Smith gave Mrs. Smith a Chester the Molester; now she has a yeast infection.
by Login14 April 10, 2015
A perv or pedophile.
Old man: I've been waiting for you, Jenny. Now, you want some ice cream, and can swim for me later? Jenny: Mom! Chester the Molester wants to touch me again! Mom: Get away from her!
by TrueMichaelMJ August 13, 2014
1. Some dude in my neighborhood that legit everyone is afraid of. Kind of funny that it rhymes.

2. Chester the old name of unknown origin referring to a child molester. I think everyone has a Chester the Molester in their town come to think of it...
1. Teenage girls: Ah omg chester the molester's gonna come after us! Don't go outside past dark or go near the big white windowless van!

2. Chester the Molester is one scary legend.
by CTU_FieldAgent200 May 23, 2011
A Poser, One who molests, a Weird dude who likes hanging with little kida
Did you see Chester the Molester coach that game last week?
by Tony November 14, 2003
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