Usually on the large side but carries it well. She can be extremely bitchy, rude, and selfish. In 4th grade is when they are at the best so take advantage of it.
eww it's a cheska
by weeemycarrots May 20, 2011
Top Definition
an amazing, hilarious, cute, sexy, nice, gentle and fun loving girl. you would be lucky to know her. she is an incredible lover and very devoted/faithful.
damn, she is such a cheska.

i wanna go for her, she's a cheska

Person 1: crystal is such a fun/amazing girl.
Person 2: maybe cause she's a cheska.
by Miguel Lee July 02, 2012
MALABO in Filipino terms. =P but cool and a great friend most of the time. teehee. =) donuts.
she is cheska-licious.
by ronaldortiz09 April 14, 2007
Usually retards with strange laughs who rock back and forth when they laugh
they are lazy and always miss sponsered walks.
"ohh, so cheskas at the 'doctors' is she?'
by C0llleen September 22, 2006
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