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A timely variation of a regular cream pie; The visual impression of a females vulva after completing unprotected intercourse during her monthly menstrual cycle.
Like any true cuckold, Dan loves it when his wife, Mary, comes home and demands he clean up the Cherry Cream Pie that Reggie delivered only moments earlier.
by ODannyBoy July 29, 2006
latin: strages

An iron-infused twist on the classic "cream pie," the Cherry Cream Pie is a tantalizing finish for any couple having sex during the woman's menstrual cycle . After ejaculating inside his partner, the man watches as the woman expels the seed along with her period blood, creating a visually stunning mix of reds, pinks and white.

From: "Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex"
Mary made a Cherry Cream Pie on the bathroom floor. Mmmm, pie.
by Dirty Buck Nasty March 29, 2010
The mixture of blood and semen that occurs when ejaculating inside a virgin vagina. This is in contrast with a strawberry creampie which occurs when a woman is on her cycle.
"Dude, you finally had sex with Kelly, how was it?"
"I got two words for you, cherry creampie."
"Oh wow, two for one, let's hope she doesn't get pregnant"
by dewdude January 14, 2009
Very simple sex postion

first u fuk her in the ass untill it turns red or purlple,(better if its purple) when ur about to jack off u pull ur dik out hold her hair turn her around ... then pull her head up give her a nice hard punch in the face untill she bleands then u jack it off on her its called a cherry cream pie
Dude i fukin tried to give her a cherry pie the next thin i knew her bro was beatin my ass .. darn i lost maaa tooth
by Arosh January 18, 2005
When you have sex with a girl on her period. It resembles cream pie.
I gave my mom a cherry cream pie last night.
by M. Rehmeyer February 13, 2008
When u cum on a chicks face and then u punch her in the nose and blood comes out and u mix that shit together.CHERRY CREAM PIE!
"Man last night i gave this chick a cherry cream pie"
"sick man"
by Windsor's Most Wanted May 08, 2006
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