The high school where there is absolutly no parking. Where they build a Junior lot that fills by 6:50, and where the cops get tingly feelings by tickiting you for being in the no stopping no standing zones even though there is no other possible parking. The high school that you pull up to a half hour before homeroom starts, and cringe as you realize there is not a single space on either side of the road, and the neigborhood is say a few words of prayer as you pull in front of the no parking no standing sign, hope for the best only to walk out after 13th period to find a $125 ticket placed ever so elegantly under your wiper blades. Cherokee, the school that takes pleasure in using huge orange cones to block off what little parking we do have; the school where you wish your friends would just fail their license tests so they don't hog up your potential parking spaces.
I have received 5 tickets in the past few months for no parking no standing. The announcement made today: "Students, we need to keep a good relation with Brush Hollow, don't park the wrong way...dont park there at all..."
Best example, the HUGE, pointless orange cones.
by Dragon April 14, 2005
my grade school teacher, Sr. Judy Sherpenski, said that CHS is Heroin High.

shes a nun and she rides around in a wheel chair.
"yo lets go get doped up"
"i <3 heroin"
by a . e. April 24, 2005
cherokee high school... you may complain about the parking lots filling by 6:50 but its for good reason, because they all want to be in the best damn school NJ has to offer. you may complain about the scholl having an abundance of occasional drug and alchohal abusers but hey we kno how to party and we sure as hell kno how to have a good time drugs or no drugs.
Did i mention that we ass rape every other rival team in practically every sport. yes we pone you noobs shawnee lenape and seneca.
So dont even complain about the JOCK MENTALITY, when you bust your ass out on the feilds,tracks,and courts then you can share and appreciate that brotherly mentality but until then this is cherokee baby, hate it or love it. but watch out for strange technology teachers mmmmmmmmm. And goofy ass music apretiation teachers,and also english teachers that are bell ends. booyahkasha RESPECT
Cherokee high school kicks ass
by m jones March 01, 2007
i go to this school...
ONE: every highschool has drugs. its NOT heroin high.
shawnee is.
TWO: it is crowded but theres a lot of parking left . and if you dont go to this school, dont worry about the parking.
THREE: its not full of just gangsters, most people in most schools have sex, and the football team is amazing, so yeah our egos are high. get over it.
cherokee high school, highschool, marlton, new jersey
by samanthaaa January 14, 2008

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