When, out of politeness, you go out of the tent to fart. Then, despite your best efforts, it follows you back in.
She: "Whoa, dude, who cut one?! That shit is toxic. My eyes are burning!"

He: "O, my sincerest apologies, m'lady. I did my best to leave that at the flap. I knew that shit'd be narsty. Must've been the chem-trails."

She: "What? Who said that?!"
by macazootie September 21, 2009
Top Definition
Contrail-like cloud left by aircraft believed by "spiritual" people to contain chemicals or crystals. These chemtrails are allegedly part of a secret government program either to save earth from global warming or to kill off half of humanity.
Spiritual guy: Look! That's a chemtrail. I wonder what the government is doing to us.

Normal guy: Uh ... perhaps you should have your medication adjusted.
by AbnormalBoy May 24, 2004
The means by which the Illuminati sprays its proverbial load.
"That bitch New World Order just shot me in the face with some nasty ass chemtrail."
by byan85 May 16, 2010
A bullshit conspiracy theory that the government is spraying the ozone with toxic chemicals that only crazy middle-aged meth heads believe in.
Me: Ya need to quit smokin' dat, man.
by MuricanBoyyy December 22, 2014
The vaporous trails left behind by both U.S. passenger and military jet aircraft not to be confused with CON-TRAILS (Condensation trails)from aircraft especially in the 50`s and 60`s. A cloud like trail released by NWO jets that is extremely toxic to homo sapiens but not their space alien enemies. A chemical soup released at altitudes between 15,000 and 40,000 feet,which has been analyzed and found to contain the follwing:influenza agents ;anthrax; smallpox;arsenic;lead;cadmium;aluminum;antimony;barium,radioactive waste;polychlorides,oils;dioxin and malathion among other poisons fatal to mankind.
I am sure glad that the aircraft mechanic discovered the spray tanks and nozzles along with the "toxic soup" for CHEM-TRAILSaboard that U.S. airliner,or Americans might have never known about the NWO`s world-wide genocide program.
by T.J. Jackson November 26, 2003
A nickname for contrail clouds left behind by planes that refers to a theory. It is believed that these contrails serve as pollution, reducing the earth surface's exposure to sunlight. This causes global cooling.

The theory though, is that there was and possibly stil is a government conspiracy, in which they are flying military planes that purposely create these chemtrails to cause global cooling (slowing down or lessening the effects of global warming).
j: hey it's actually snowing this winter.
p: yeah, i think those chemtrails are really helping maintain normal weather conditions
j: NOT!
by jeffr August 28, 2008
bullshit conspiracy theory.
if you actually believe that chemtrails are real, kill urself
by ziggypop314 August 16, 2007
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